We are Tuna and Sinem childhood friends from Istanbul, Turkey. We’ve always dreamed of creating something inspiring together.  Since a young age we’ve lived in different cities and countries, but have also been lucky enough to travel all around the world together.

When we had our own babies, Jean & Rafael, we were living miles apart. We truly hoped for our babies to have the same bond that we did, so we started to tell stories to each other about the ‘adventures of Jean and Rafael’. Knowing the importance of storytelling, we found creative ways for Jean and Rafael to bond even from far away.

These stories inspired us to create our brand JERA MINI (JE for Jean and RA for Rafael; and also MINI because they are the smallest human beings in our lives).

We promised ourselves that our universe will live through creativity.
Our dream is to share stories that will help evoke creativity between kids, their parents and friends.


We are aware of the value of stories in the world of babies and children. Everything becomes clear, fun and joyful with stories. Our products have imprinted characters on them, which are created uniquely for our brand and each character has their own story.  You will receive your product with a card describing the story behind the character. You will also be able to scan the QR code and explore more adventures of your chosen animal!

You can give them a name, tell, improve character traits, or even create stories and share with your little adventurers and with us. The positive impact of stories on babies and children is essential, let’s share this value together and grow with creativity whatever the activity.


Sinem Alfasa
+90 536 815 59 85

Tuna Flamand
+33 6 46 89 82 47