EUR 50,00

Mini Plouf embroidered poncho towel in pink velvet with blue and white stripes is perfect for your child after bath time or at the beach.

It’s soft, luxurious, and made from organic, GOTS certified cotton velvet fabric, offering a gentle touch for your child’s sensitive skin.

Snap buttons under the arms ensure it stays securely in place for added convenience.

  • Material: 100% cotton GOTS certified velvet towel. 350 gr/m2
  • Dimensions: 1-3 years, 4-6 years
  • Product story: Our products feature special embroideries of unique characters specific to our brand. Each character has its own distinct story, and you can access these stories on our website. The tales of these adorable characters enrich your child's imagination, inspiring them to create their own adventures. Join your child in exploring your creativity in the world inspired by these unique stories.
Organic Cotton
Story Card