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Leopard and Little Visitor

The leopard perched on a branch of a tree plays a soft melody on his saxophone before taking a nap. Intrigued by the sound, a young marmoset approaches timidly. He observes the musician without daring to approach. The leopard sees the little visitor out of the corner of his eye. He then puts down his saxophone and takes out of his pocket a wooden flute he had made a few days ago. Leopard hands it to Samy, the Marmoset who is delighted. They will both be playing a happy concert for the rest of the jungle and have a great day.



Leopard is hungry. So hungry that it could eat two plates of spinach! But the sun calls it back to its siesta, after all it hasn’t read a book to feed itself, that’s been enough for it for a few days. Unfortunately, there is no longer a book in its library that Leopard does not know. Leopard read it all. It then decides to take out its favorite pen, that of its grandmother, and begins to write its own story. After the first pages and the first drawings Leopard is out of ink! It then spins into the sea, asking its friend Marius, the Octopus for a few drops of his ink. The octopus accepts immediately on condition that it is the first to read the adventures of Leopard! Leopard thanks Marius, the Octopus and a few days later brings it its very first manuscript.


Leopard and Marmosets

The sun is at its zenith, Leopard indulges in its favorite activity, the siesta. A light breeze makes its whiskers quiver, but it’s actually a bunch of marmosets shaking leaves above Leopard to wake it up. Indeed, it had promised the marmosets to tell them a story but the sun had put it to sleep.
The Marmosets are not going to let it go, they want their story! So they even go so far as to shake the branch of the tree on which Leopard is lying. The latter jumps up screaming and drops its hat and its pen on the burning ground of the savannah. Leopard quickly understands what is happening and immediately asks the marmosets to pick up its favorite objects. The little monkeys impressed by Leopard execute themselves immediately, they come down from the tree, make a ladder with their arm so as not to touch the ground and skillfully recover the hat that one of them puts on its head, the other laughs out loud and the third picks up the pen and holds it over its ear. So they go up quietly laughing from branch to branch the pen and the hat to Leopard. When they arrive near the peak, they find Leopard sleeping! They kindly drop off the objects and promise to come back tomorrow, for two stories this time.

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