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Pengu the Penguin

Pengu is a bird that loves adventures. They come together with their scientist and artist friends to observe the seas and the oceans. During their meet-ups they love to discuss ways to help protect nature and find solutions together.

Pengu usually ends up meeting some very interesting and rare animals on their journey. In fact, they have made documentaries on their Super 8 camera about the red-lipped batfish, the blue parrotfish and the dumbo octopus while swimming SPLASH SPLASH in the oceans.

Pengu feels like even more of an adventurer with the blue sea beret they wear.

Alongside all these endeavours, Pengu still finds time to day dream, play calm melodies on their harmonica and end their days watching the sunset across the horizon.


Pengu with Molly, big Ocean Sunfish

The submarine moves slowly through the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. Pengu is looking for Molly, the big Ocean Sunfish, it had met it a long time ago during a nocturnal getaway on a full moon night. Ocean Sunfish shouldn’t be far away, exclaims Pengu from its cockpit. Suddenly, in the corner of its porthole, the round eye of the sunfish appears. Pengu jumps and immediately grabs the helm of its submarine to change tack! It is finally with joy that it puts on its diving suit and goes out to get news of its old friend Molly, Ocean Sunfish. Molly tells it all the marine adventures of recent times, baby turtles saved by pink flamingos and the stories of hermit crabs who have not spoken to each other since one had wanted to take the shell of the other. He talks so long that Pengu doesn’t realize that it’s almost out of oxygen. The alarm sounded in its suit. Alerted by the noise, Molly, Ocean Sunfish signals to Dodo, the dolphin to bring air to their friend Pengu. Dolphin arrives and blows into the diving suit, Pengu is saved and gets back into its submarine safe and sound. It greets and thanks its friends before leaving for new adventures.


Pengu and Polar Bear, Kip

Penguin ventures into the glaciers of the Far North when suddenly, a polar bear appears behind it. Penguin turns around surprised and explains to polar bear that it is discovering animals from the cold. It asks if it can take a picture of polar bear, the bear totally agrees but it just asks for a few moments so it can touch up its black makeup around its eyes. Penguin prepares its camera, and the Bear poses between two icebergs. The photo is superb, and the two animals are now friends.


Penguin at the South Seas

Penguin went on an excursion to the South Seas to meet new friends there. On his way, its submarine encounters a technical problem. Penguin is very annoyed; it can no longer move forward. It looks like the motor propeller is stuck in tall weed. Awakened by the noise, a family of hippocampus point their noses. “A little help Penguin?” Ask the hippocampal parents. “With pleasure friends” writes Penguin. Then the baby seahorses form a whirlwind and undo the knots of seaweed to free the Penguin’s submarine. To thank them Penguin proposes to organize a big sea party in honor of the seahorses.
To be continued soon…


Penguin and Dumbo Octopus, Dory

Through the sea spray, Penguin advances in the direction of the unknown. Our little sea adventurer goes as usual to meet extraordinary animals. At the bend of an atoll, he crosses a dumbo octopus. So small and so rare, the dumbo octopus immediately hides when it sees Penguin. Penguin approaches and offers dumbo octopus to share its snack, like a real gourmet, the little octopus advances delicately towards Penguin. They then share a seaweed sandwich while exchanging their travel stories. Dumbo octopus explains to Penguin that it is often afraid because it feels small and that it avoids contact with other animals at all costs. Penguin decides to invite dumbo octopus to the sea party that it will soon organize, it will introduce dumbo octopus to all its friends and the little octopus will be able to overcome its fears of meeting with others.