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Fox, Badger and Mole

Fox is very excited. He has invited his two friends Betty, the Badger and Momo, the Mole, whom it has not seen for a long time, for a tea. Everything is ready, the tablecloth on the table, the cups on the tray and the cupcakes on an old plate.
When the burrow bell rings, Fox runs to let its friends in. They are very happy to meet again, and Fox recounts its last tennis games, Betty, the Badger recounts the beauty of its last dug galleries and Momo, the Mole describes its paintings woods.
The three friends talk so much that the tea is cold! Fox immediately adds ice cubes and mint to finally serve an iced tea. The friends are delighted and continue to tell their stories until nightfall.


Fox and Turtle Tony

Fox is training tonight because it has a very important tennis match the next day and it knows that it must prepare. Its friend, Tony, the Turtle is there to send it tennis balls and give it advice. Fox runs right and Poc then left Poc, it jumps Poc. Renard is out of breath, but it knows, it will only succeed with a lot of training and practice. After more than an hour of intense work. Tony, the Turtle congratulates it and assures Fox that it will be ready for its match. Now, the two friends go to the kitchen of the stadium and for once it’s not fox who cooks, it’s Tony, the Turtle who gets behind the stove to prepare a light soup. Fox thanks it and takes out of its bag an excellent cake. Turtle and Fox have dinner together and feast on soup and cake. Good luck for your match tomorrow said Tony, the Turtle before going to bed.


Fox and Gaspard, the Rhinoceros

This morning, Fox must face the fearsome opponent Gaspard, the Rhinoceros in a single match. No matter how much it prepares mushroom cookies, Foxe can’t take away its worries that it feels. Its friend, Tony, the Turtle, tries to calm it down with a few reassuring words but nothing works. The clock is ticking, and the match is about to start, Fox then swaps its pastry whip for its champion racket. That’s it, let’s go, the two players are ruthless and send the ball with force and precision. The game is progressing and neither of them can decide who is going to win the match. When suddenly crash! Gaspard, the Rhinoceros collapses on the ground screaming “Muuummmyyyyy!” The sole of his feet is injured… immediately the referee stops the match. Renard is very annoyed and sorry for his opponent. It runs up to Rhinoceros and hands it a mushroom cookie. The Rhino is calming down and munching it cookie. Renard takes the opportunity to distribute cookies to the public. Everyone loves them and sets up the necessary for a superb banquet. Chouette unpacks its recipes, Squirrels; from chocolate to hazelnuts. All the animals brought something to participate in the snack. Renard and Rhinoceros agree to postpone the match now that they know each other, Renard has no more apprehensions to play against Rhinoceros. For now, it’s time for the banquet!

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